Spelling Bee

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Congratulations to our 2023 South Elementary School Spelling Bee winners

4-5th grade spelling bee winners

1-3rd grade spelling bee winners

2022/ 2023 Spelling Bee Word Lists

These lists are a guide to help students practice. Words in the spelling bee might not be included on this list.

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Bridget Thompson

Congratulations to Bridget! She is one smart speller. Bridget placed 3rd at the region spelling bee.

Congratulations to Bridget! She represented South Elementary in the District spelling Bee and Placed 2nd. She will now go on to the Region Spelling Bee. Way to go Bridget!

ICSD district spelling Bee Winners

Congratulations to our 2022 Spelling Bee winners

1st -3rd grade winners

(2nd place) Devon C., (1st place) Grant P. & (3rd place) Quinn R.

1st-3rd grade spelling bee winners

4th- 5th grade winner

(3rd place) Brevin W., (2nd place) Charlize K. & (1st place) Bridgett T.

4th- 5th grade spelling bee winners

South Elementary 2021 Spelling Bee Winners

3-5th grade 2021 spelling bee winners

3rd-5th grade: 2nd- Karli A., 3rd- Bridgett T., 1st -Ethan M.

1st and 2nd grade 2021 spelling bee winners

1st-2nd grade 2nd: Keaton P., 1st- Grant P., 3rd- Quinn R.