Safety Drop-off & Pick-up Zone

There are four safe areas for parents to pick up their children in a vehicle after school.

  • Front of school (by the flagpole)

  • 450 West (PE field gate)

  • 500 South (upper playground gate)

  • 400 South lime green loading zone (lower playground gate)

 If you choose to park in the lots, you must meet your student at the school and walk them to your car. Students should not cross the parking lots unaccompanied. Students will not be allowed to wait for parents in the bus loading area because of safety issues.

  • It is important for parents to notify children in advance if they will be picked up and to tell them in which area they should wait for you.

  • If you are going to pick up students before school ends, please come to the office and sign that you have taken them.  Students will not be called to the office prior to parents actually coming in to the building to sign them out.  Please plan your pick-up time such that you have time to come in the building and sign the necessary documentation.