Student Injury:

The Iron County School District does not carry an accident insurance policy for students. Students shall be covered by their parent’s medical plan or parents should apply for the students’ accident insurance. These forms are available at the school.

When a student is involved in an accident, the parents will be called. Parents must make emergency numbers available to the school so they can be reached in the event of an accident. If the parents cannot be reached, the principal or a representative will call the family doctor, or take the student to the emergency room.

Recess and Sickness – If students are well enough to come to school, they should be well enough to participate in outside recess. If they have been sick, instruct them to wear their coat and hat outside. Regulations do not permit students to stay in the building, unsupervised while the teacher is outside with the class.

Medications – Medications are rarely necessary for pupils during the school day. They are justified in some chronic health conditions or short-term acute health conditions. Written parental permission and a physician’s order must be provided, giving the school district authorization to administer medications. Medications should never be sent with a student, but should be brought to the school by an adult.